4th of July SALE: 25% off July 1-4

July 1, 2018





Summer is here.

But it's never too early to prep for episodic season. Plus alllllll the streaming platforms that block-shoot whenever they feel like it. Sale ends 11:59 PM July 4th, 2018.


15-min Headshot Party Slot: $45 (reg. $60)

2-hr Unlimited Shoot: $262.50 (reg. $350)

4-hr Unlimited Shoot: $375 (reg. $500)


Let's book something.



Join Me: Photo Meetups


Everyone needs content. What if we make making it...fun? Follow my personal insta if you want to join my FREEEEE monthly photo meetups – I'll announce the meetup a week in advance so you'll have plenty of time to plan your wardrobe, and you can even suggest & vote on locations. 


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Tell me about your awesomeness!


I want to attract and share awesome artist humans in my life. Is that you? Are you doing awesome stuff? Would you please tell me about it, so I can post about you and tell OTHER people about it? I made an easy little google form you can fill out so I can know about any shows, bookings, signings, art stuff, whatever.


Tell me how awesome you are.