​I no longer do retouches! 


I found an amazing team overseas who does fantastic work super quickly and is very affordable – $3 / photo for portraits (if you want more intense retouching, which I *don't* recommend for headshots, see a list of their offerings here:


How to order:

  1. ​Download your entire gallery in original resolution | Make sure you selected the "original" size option for your gallery – this means all photos, a single download is optimized for social media sites – and backed them up on an external hard drive, or whatever cloud service you prefer.
  2. Prep your retouch selects | Create a folder with your selects in Dropbox or Google Drive, or make a folder on your hard drive and compress it into a .zip to send your selects via wetransfer.
  3. Pay for your order | Do the math: [# of photo selects} x $3/portrait = $____ << send whatever amount that is via paypal to this email address, and include a note with your order details (how many photos and what service you're requesting), your name and email if it is different from what's on your paypal account:
  4. ​​Email Johnny at​m | Feel free to copy & paste the template below!





Hi Johnny!


I​ got your info from Karin Schneider Photography and would like to order [_# photos_] portrait retouches. 


I just sent over payment via paypal, and am including my hi-res images here, via [_google drive or dropbox_]: [__paste link here__]


[[ALT: I just sent over payment via paypal, and ​sent my hi-res images to you via wetransfer]]


Can you please send me both a hi-res image, as well as a web-sized version (<2MB) of the finished photos? And [_If you have any specific requests, list them here!_]



[Your Name Here]​​


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