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Headshot Party

How do I book a Headshot Party session?

Super easy--just go to the "bookings" page: pick the time slot you want, and follow the steps all the way through checkout. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once you've done everything successfully. NOTE: the booking software is a little bit stupid and only lets you book one slot at a time until further notice. Sorrrrry.

Do I have to bring friends to come to a Headshot Party?

Not at all – but you might make some while you're here! The idea of a Headshot Party is simply to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere where actors (or really, whoever) can come hang out until it's their time to shoot, and can change outfits, fix hair and makeup, or eat snacks while other people are getting their pictures taken if they decide to spring for multiple looks!

Can I book more than one Headshot Party slot?

Totally! I recommend leaving a 15-minute space between sessions if you decide to go for multiples, but you are welcome to book as many as you'd like. NOTE: You will in fact have to complete the checkout process more than once until Wix's booking software gets smarter. It's annoying, but keeps me from hiring someone to code special checkout carts, which helps me keep prices low.

What happens if I'm late to my Headshot Party time? 😰

PLEASE DON'T BE LATE. It kind of throws everything off for Headshot Parties, and depending on the degree and timing of your lateness, I can't guarantee your spot unless you are on time. Please do literally *everything* in your power not to be late. Downtown is weird for people who aren't used to going there, and they randomly close streets often. I encourage you to come early! There's coffee, snacks, good music, cool stuff in the area. But if you *are* late, don't panic. Call or text me to let me know. I probably won't respond because I'm busy shooting people and Headshot Parties move quickly, but as long as you are a kind, considerate conscientious human being and speak to me like a human being, we can work something out. NOTE: I'm here to help actors who want to help themselves! I am *not* here to cater to the whim of disrespectful and entitled individuals. The difference is everything!

Is there a place for me to get ready if I want to do my makeup or touch-up my hair?

I have a couple of mirrors and plugs available. There is a single bathroom that I do ask to leave open or be willing to leave if people need to use it, but there are multiple places to set your things and check yourself out.

What about my beard? I want to shave between looks. Can I do that?

Yep, absolutely. There's a sink in the bathroom, but again if you're at a Headshot Party, please be mindful of others and be willing to step out if someone needs to use it!

Do you only do white backgrounds for Headshot Parties?

No way. Any of my colored backgrounds are an option for Headshot Parties. I can help you choose or if you want to pick, you're totally welcome to. We usually have time to do 2-3 different backgrounds, depending on what you need.


What should I wear?

This is a question that has tons to take into account. I start with a series of questions and build from there: ::STEP ONE:: How many looks do you want to prep for? What do you actually need? If you don't know yet, skip ahead: ::STEP TWO:: What are your goals? Commercial? Theatrical? A mixture? Are you trying to get representation, or are you trying to get new photos for your agents because what you have isn't working? Are you going for more specific co-star looks because you don't have any TV credits at all, and your reps like those types of photos? Or are you ready to move up to a less specific type of headshot? What will get your reps most excited? If you are unrepresented, what gets YOU the most excited? The more specific you can get, the better. What genre of Independent film? What kind of TV show? One-hour? Half-hour? Single or Multi-cam? Which Network or channel? Which showrunners? ::STEP THREE:: What are 3-6 theatrical dream jobs that you're a perfect fit for? and/or What are 3-6 commercial brands that you're a great fit for? ::STEP FOUR:: Do your research. What do the characters you should be playing wear? How is it styled? Pay attention to the details: COLOR PATTERN TEXTURE/FABRIC TYPE LAYERS CUT/FIT ::STEP FIVE:: Shop. In your closet. At stores with return policies. With a stylist, if necessary. Give yourself time and space, use a credit card, don't give yourself unreal actor reasons to sabotage your shoot. Get what you need. Get what SINGS to you. Play dress-up. Do you hate shopping? Find a friend who loves it and ask them to go with you. Ask for support. Send me selfies. ::STEP SIX:: Take test photos. Do mirror selfies or grab a friend to snap pics. Don't worry about your hair or makeup or the background, just try and get good even lighting so you (and if you send it to me, I) can get a good idea of what the fit is like, what the colors are like, what the entire vibe of the outfit is. ::FINAL STEP [IF YOU HAVE REPS]:: Send your favorite test shots in for approval. And for the love of god, make sure they approve of your photographer before you shoot, if you at all care about their opinion. And if you don't, then skip this step entirely becuase that means it's time to look for new reps! If you don't have reps, feel free to send *me* your pictures. Try to do this at least 3 days before your shoot (even earlier is *fantastic*) so I not only have time to respond, but so that you have time to adjust as necessary. REPEAT AS NEEDED.

That sounds like a lot of work that I don't want to do. Do you just have like...examples?

Yes. You can look at actual outfits from current TV/Film/Commercials on my blog, and you can look at my gallery of alllll my past clients to see what they ended up choosing.

Looking at a blog and other peoples' photos also feels like a lot of work. Do you just have like, a list I can read?

Yep. WARNING: These are very *general* lists, intended for inspiration. Make them your own. If you don't, you are likely to show up looking uninspired / like an actor. Pick stuff that gets you excited. - - - WOMEN Girl Next Door/Wife/Best friend: soft colors, cute dress, girly blouse (age-appropriate) Bombshell/Sexy: low-cut, darker colors, earrings Hipster/Cool/Trendy: scarves, beanies, graphic t’s, flanel, weird patterns. Badass/edgy/urban: leather, black & white, studs, cutoff shirts/tanks Upscale Business: collared shirt or business blouse + suit jacket Casual Business: cute button up top or blouse, sweater if you feel up to it Preppy/East Coast Money: polos, sweaters, blazers, pearls. Think J Crew. Quirky/Kooky: librarian-esque sweaters, fun weird patterns, bold colors, suspenders, bandanas etc. Think Modcloth. Nerdy/dorky/awkward: like above, but the less-cute version. Athletic: sports bras, workout tanks--tight stuff. Yoga pants or shorts if you want to get some body shots. - - - MEN Boyfriend/Husband/Best friend: solid t-shirts, v-necks, hoodies, henleys, thermals etc (age appropriate) All American/Beer guy: solid t-shirt under plaid or flannel Hipster/Cool/Trendy: scarves, beanies, graphic t’s, deep v’s, flannel, weird patterns Badass/edgy/urban: leather, black & white, studs, burnout tanks/tees, cut off shirts, A-tanks (wifebeaters) Preppy/Bro/Frat Boy: polos, sweaters layered over collared shirts, bro tanks, trucker hats Upscale Business: collared shirt, suit jacket, ties, vest and for the love of god please make sure your clothes fit! Avoid billowy sleeves! Casual Business: collared shirt, no jacket, rolled up sleeves and/or vest Quirky/Kooky: weird sweaters, fun weird patterns (argyle, bad suit jackets), bold colors, suspenders, bandanas etc. Nerdy/dorky/awkward: like above, but the less-attractive version i.e. short-sleeve button-up, buttoned all the way up. Athletic: tight sports shirts (or no shirt) and workout shorts or pants (if you want full body shots) - - - KIDS Basic t-shirts, V-necks, Henleys Tank tops/camisoles Cute dresses Hoodies Jackets Overalls Sports jerseys/cheerleading outfit (good for a specific commercial shot, depending on how specific your child’s agent likes to get with photos) Most important is that your child likes the outfits he or she is wearing. Have your child get involved in the selection process, to get them excited about the shoot!

And any general guidelines?

Bring things that make you feel good in a variety of colors. Shirts that bring out your eye color--shades of blue and green for those eyes, and greens, purples, golds, and oranges for hazel or brown eyes. Another option that can work well is a color that matches your cheeks when they blush: usually red, orange, or pinkish [but pay attention to undertones]. Bring options that can layer well together to make the most of your session. Solid colors and simple patterns are good so they aren’t too distracting, and I am always a fan of tops with interesting necklines. Tank tops and camisoles show off girls’ collar bones, which is often considered delicate and feminine. Don’t bring any shiny material, it almost always looks weird in photos. Pale yellows and other pastels are tricky and typically come out looking way less saturated (lighter) than they do in person. If you want to go for a pastel, make sure it's something with a good amount of texture, like linen or even a heathered t-shirt. If you aren’t absolutely 100% sure, bring options and let me help you make selects--or send photos ahead of time!


I want to shave my beard between looks. Can I do that?

Yep, absolutely. There's a sink in the bathroom, but again if you're at a Headshot Party, please be mindful of others and be willing to step out if someone needs to use it!


I always get pictures back to you within a week of your shoot, and depending on how many auditions I myself have, usually much sooner. If you send me emails about it (esp repeatedly), it'll probalby take longer.

Do you have a steamer?

You bet I do.

Is there a place I can hang things?

Yes. It's a ladder. But it works like a clothing rack. I think clothing racks are ugly and I think ladders are beautiful and very useful.

How do you send me my photos?

I use an online gallery that you can use to download any size of your images like (or multiple sizes), I recommend full-rez. Your gallery will be up as long as I am a photographer, and you can use it to send to your reps / trusted advisors to "favorite" etc. But please, download your photos and back them up to either a hard drive or whatever cloud service you use (Dropbox, google drive, iCloud etc)

Where is the studio located?

Downtown Los Angeles, in the Fashion District.

What's the parking situation?

Free Street Parking (Sundays only) is EAST of Los Angeles Street: Maple, wall, etc. ALWAYS CHECK PARKING SIGNS, they do change periodically. Metered Parking is available up & down Los Angeles Street. Lots are available across the street and on the corner of Maple & 7th.

What counts as a "look"? Can I layer and accessorize?

I want actors to get the most out of their session, so I encourage you to use the time as you like. A look is typically something that doesn't require you to leave the spot where we shoot to change--i.e. adding glasses, a necklace, an overshirt, jacket. If you're coming to a Headshot Party and want to swap out shirts really quickly, I'm okay with that but will warn you: it does eat up time, and people usually take the first half of their short session to get comfortable. If you have specific questions, send me selfies and I can clarify!

Can I bring my pet(s)?

I love animals, and as long as they are well-behaved and if they don't mind my cat (or if they are small dog, getting stalked by my cat) and won't distract you from/are the focal point of your session, go for it. You, however, are ultimately responsible for their behavior and for cleaning up any messes they may make. Bonus points if you bring a tortoise. And please give me a heads up about it.

Can I bring friends or parents?

Yeah! But I reserve the right to kick 'em out if they distract you from your session of keep me from doing my job. But I'm always a fan of bringing your own fans with you to help you get comfortable and to have a trusted, familiar eye around!

What if I hate my pictures?

Most often, clients dislike their photos because they just aren't prepared. Read my full list of client expectations & reshoot policy here: Avoid unpreparedness by downloading my wardrobe guides, either in the upper right hand corner of this very FAQ page, or on this one -- which also has a few examples of how to look for outfit patterns when you're doing your homework watching TV/Film/Commercials:

What if I need to reschedule?

I have a whole page of details here.

Can I split a session?

Yes. AND: If you choose to split a session, you're responsible for how you'd like to split up the time and managing that. I'll do my best to pack in whatever you throw at me, but splits are best if there's a plan of attack. 15-minute single looks slots are really intended just for that – I can't guarantee any more than that in a timeframe. But if you want to swap a shirt or add a partner, twin or baby for a couple snaps, go for it! It's your time. Just plan accordingly. Please note that splitting a session does not allow for reshoots.

Is makeup included?

No. Read details of each package here.

Are retouches included?

Nope! Most of my clients opt not to get retouches, but for those who want them, they're $3/photo in a day or two of turnaround from these amazing retouchers whose work I love.

What's the deal with your name? I thought this was Karin Schneider Photography?

I was born Karin Lee Schneider. But there was already a Karin Schneider in SAG (if you haven't read my "about me," I'm also an actor). So I decided to use Karin Lee – all the ladies in my family have "Lee" as their middle names, so it still feels familial. But then I started painting, and people asked to buy my paintings, and there are already *many* established Karin Lee artists out there. Looking for brand unity, I picked an artist name: Wyoh. Wyoh is short for "Wyoming," named after the character Wyoming Knott from Robert A. Heinlein's book: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I love the moon. And this is defintiely my favorite Sci-Fi novel, maybe my favorite book all around. It begins with a computer trying to figure out jokes (at the time I first read it, I was figuring out jokes, and was getting made fun of by my friends for being a "robot"), and takes place on Luna, where men don't bother women. Ever. There are far fewer women than men on the moon, so women retail ultimate power of choice. If a woman is so much as touched without consent, the offending man is eliminated. The moon is, after all, originally a prison for convicts. And Wyoh is a revolutionary, and is passionate about bringing freedom to repressed Loonies before the Earth sucks its resources dry and they all die. I like the energy behind this name. And I like it so much, I've decided to consolidate. So I'm the same person, but trying to streamline, so at the risk of brand confusion, I'm switching over so I can be Wyoh everywhere.

I lost my photos. What do I do?

As of 2019, your photos will stay in your gallery as long as I am a photographer. So that link again and download away. If you're getting an "expired" message, that just means that particular download link is expired -- re enter your email and re-downlaod you pics. Easy peasy.

Why didn't I get a confirmation e-mail?

You probably did. It's probably in your spam if it's not in your inbox. Not in spam? Check your credit card. Did the transaction go through? If it did and you don't have an email AND you've already checked your spam, then email me.

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