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I don't take non-essential risks (I go to the grocery store, I stay home, I go outside only if I need to) and I ask and expect clients to be extra-cautious during the two weeks leading up to their shoot.
  • Touchless thermometer temperature check at the door
  • Photographer remains masked
  • Client removes mask only for shooting and makeup adjustments*
  • 6' minimum social distancing
*(soft cloth masks or bandanas do not leave marks; place a tissue inside mask to keep it makeup-free! This is current on-set policy)



  • Open windows
  • Molekule air filters
  • Fan between client & photographer
  • Studio + Natural lighting
  • All solid backgrounds as seen in my work + studio setting avail
  • Client only; no friends or family



1-3(ish) outfit changes ("looks"), depending on your goals.

If you're a prepared, low-maintenance changing ninja with specific goals, swap those shirts and layer it up and get up to 5 looks.

Makeup and retouches are not included.

one hour


$100 rebate with proof of a COVID-negative test + self-isolation in the week leading up to your shoot.

two  hour



$100 rebate with proof of a COVID-negative test + self-isolation in the week leading up to your shoot.

4-8ish) outfit changes ("looks"), depending on your goals & how long it takes you to change. A perfect option for anyone who needs portraits and social media content.

Makeup and retouches are not included.


1-2(ish) looks; in-studio only

If you're new to headshots or camera shy, stick to one look.

If you're a prepared, low-maintenance changing ninja with specific goals, swap those shirts and layer it up and get up to 3 looks.

Makeup is not included; see makeup details below!

two hour

$100 rebate with proof of a COVID-negative test + self-isolation in the week leading up to your shoot.


I am on team play-it-safe when it comes to all things health-wise, and for that reason, I strongly recommend you do your own makeup.

If you don't feel confident in your makeup abilities, now is a great time to hire a MUA you love to teach you via zoom. I always recommend actors learn how to do their own hair and makeup, at least at a basic level, to always feel prepared for auditions & indie films. 

If you insist on booking a makeup artist, please talk about your COVID safety comfort levels and get tested 7-10 days before your shoot (and quarantine afterward).


If you feel awkward about these convos, I can do a practice with you during our wardrobe consult. 



Please Note:

Bookings are final sale and must be used within six months of purchase. 
But they're totally transferrable–you're welcome to gift or sell them to a friend.

Reschedules & No-Shows:

Reschedule yourself as much as you want 12 hours prior to your appointment -- just create a login using the e-mail you signed up with below, where it says "login." 
If you need to reschedule with fewer than 24 hours notice, just call me and I'll help you reschedule.
No-shows are not offered a refund or reschedule (extenuating circumstances excepted, of course).
Details & a how-to here:

You Are Responsible For:

Be on time, well-rested, hydrated, and in a good headspace. Look at my gallery as well as the work of other photographers to make sure I'm the right fit for you.
You're responsible for making sure your face looks the way you want it to. At the very least, don't be shiny. Ben Nye Translucent Powder is awesome at combating shine. 
I do my best to catch flyaways, gaps, and keep hair from getting in your eyes, but I'm not a stylist and you have your own opinions about your hair. Come with your hair ready to go, and if you know you want it to be a certain way, tell me and show me and I'll keep an eye out. COVID-19 update: I will no longer be touching you, but I'll have a mirror nearby and will tell you how to fix things. Please practice with your hair ahead of time, and bring any hair tools/spray you need! I will NOT be offering combs/sprays/etc.
I'm happy to send you advice ahead of time, as long as you get me outfit ideas with enough lead time for me to respond, and for you to make clothing adjustments if necessary – a week is best! I have wardrobe guides you can use as well. And remember: I will advise you based on my experience and opinions, but if your reps have specific advice, be sure you're following that first.
Tell me anything that's relevant to our shoot: your goals, backgrounds or poses requested by your reps, the side of your face you love or hate, and if you ever find my direction distracting or unhelpful, just say so!  

I Am Responsible For:

Lighting. Focus. Framing. Finding your angles. Reminding you to breathe. Getting you pictures that look like the ones on my website. If you see a photo or two on my site that you love, let me know!
Please do not ask me to mimic another photographer's style or your instagram selfies. If you have another photographer that you love, I highly recommend saving up to shoot with them!
If it hasn't been 48 hours since the end of your shoot, no need to ask me for them. They're coming. I promise.
I take this very seriously. I want people to feel as comfortable as possible and supported in their goals. 
You're responsible for being on time, but once we begin, you can forget about clocks and let me do the worrying.

Reshoot Policy:

Due to the additional cost and risk of COVID-19, I no longer offer reshoots. 
If you like my work, have done your due diligence in communicating and discussing your specific goals with me and arrive fully prepared, we're gonna get what you want.
From my actor heart to yours: please don't sabotage yourself by under-preparing. 
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