Headshot Party it up on Sundays.

I shoot by time, not by look. Pick the session length you need and meet awesome artists during back-to-back appointments.

Show up

for yourself.

I want you to have a successful experience. I promise to give you my full attention during our session and expect that you give yourself the same level of care in your own preparation. 

Need wardrobe ideas? 

Start with my headshot prep guide & general outfit ideas and once you've booked, e-mail me selfies in your options!

Please Note:

Bookings are final sale and must be used within six months of purchase. 
But they're totally transferrable–you're welcome to gift or sell them to a friend.
The booking software is limited – to purchase multiple services, simply check out multiple times!

Reschedules & No-Shows:

Reschedule yourself as much as you want 12 hours prior to your appointment -- just create a login using the e-mail you signed up with below, where it says "login." 
If you need to reschedule with fewer than 12 hours notice or if you want me to reschedule your appointment manually, for you, there is a $20 reschedule fee.
No-shows are not offered a refund or reschedule (extenuating circumstances excepted, of course).
Details & a how-to here:

You Are Responsible For:

Be on time, well-rested, hydrated, and in a good headspace. Look at my gallery as well as the work of other photographers to make sure I'm the right fit for you!
Unless you're working with my makeup artist, you're responsible for making sure your face looks the way you want it to. I have powder available for people to de-shine themselves, but since everyone has different personal preferences, I expect you to be clear about what yours are, and apply makeup accordingly. 
I do my best to catch flyaways, gaps, and keep hair from getting in your eyes, but I'm not a stylist. Come with your hair ready to go, and if you know you want it to be a certain way, tell me and show me and I'll keep an eye out! Even if you're working with a hair and makeup artist in a half or full session, come with your hair as you would wear it to an audition and we'll go from there.
I'm HAPPY to send you advice ahead of time, as long as you get me outfit ideas with enough lead time for me to respond, and for you to make clothing adjustments if necessary – a week is best! I have wardrobe guides you can use as well. And remember: I will advise you based on my experience and opinions, but if your reps have specific advice, be sure you're following that first.
Tell me anything that's relevant to our shoot: your goals, backgrounds or poses requested by your reps, the side of your face you love or hate, and if you ever find my direction distracting or unhelpful, just say so!  

I Am Responsible For:

Lighting. Focus. Framing. Finding your angles. Reminding you to breathe. Getting you pictures that look like the ones on my website. If you see a photo or two on my site that you love, let me know!
Please do not ask me to mimic another photographer's style or your instagram selfies. If you have another photographer that you love, I highly recommend saving up to shoot with them!
If it hasn't been seven days since your shoot, no need to ask me for them! They're coming. I promise.
I take this very seriously. I want people to feel as comfortable as possible and supported in their goals. 
You're responsible for being on time, but once we begin, you can forget about clocks and let me do the worrying.

Reshoot Policy:

I'm an actor, too, and I know that gut-sinking feeling of getting photos back and feeling horribly disappointed. To avoid this pain for my clients, I have actor-friendly prices, and a reshoot policy: 
If you don't like your photos, we reshoot them.
In order to be eligible for a reshoot, clients must:
  • arrive prepared per expectations listed on this page: yourself, makeup, hair, wardrobe, communicating
  • let me know they'd like to reshoot within a month of their original session
  • be on time to their original session
  • reshoot in the same wardrobe as their original session
  • shoot only one outfit ("look") per fifteen minute time slot
  • have a specific reshoot plan of attack to ensure different results so that we're using our time wisely
If you plan on using the photos we shot but simply want more options, please respect my work, time, and the affordable prices I offer and book a new session. Reshoots are not offered for clients who bring their own makeup artist.
I absolutely encourage you to be as prepared as possible (see left), if you're really & truly having an "off" day...just bring your sweet sensitive artist self back, and we'll redo 'em.
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