I'm an actor/artist-human. I love to create things.


  • I love playing fish-out-of-water characters (like aliens)

  • I love writing (and reading!) Sci-Fi stories, especially if they include interesting love configurations (Heinlein is my favorite)

  • I love directing actors, especially during headshot sessions when I get to make up character thoughts and “write” storylines on the fly that are inspired by each individual

  • I also love directing actors + an entire crew to help carry out the visual stories that make my heart and brain vibrate.

  • I love painting circles.

  • I love my podcast, Sex Stories, where I get to ask people sensitive, detailed & curious questions about their sex lives.

  • I love The Radiance Project, the other podcast I produce, hosted by the amazing Heidi Rose Robbins; it is a beautiful hour of astrology, poetry, and very good company.

  • I LOVE taking nudes! Both as a model and photographer.

  • I love being naked, and I love to wiggle.

  • I love taking headshots of actors who really show up for themselves.

  • I love humans who create things and want to improve the world.


For the record: 

My studio is a safe space, a creative sanctuary for any sweet soul who comes to visit. Dress how you like. Like who you like. Use whatever pronoun you like. Speak whatever language you like.


The Headshot Party environment is an opportunity for lovely creatives to meet one another, and I require anyone in attendance to respect their fellow artists. I've never had an issue, and will defend my space to keep it that way.


A note to entitled individuals:

Please don't book with me! I am happy to recommend other very talented photographers to you. They charge way more than I do and are happy to put up with your attitude. 


I am here to be artist-friendly, and expect the same treatment from my clients in return.

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