When your booking goes through, you will receive a confirmation email.
If you didn't get one, check your spam.

If you read this and have a question, EMAIL ME:





I get jillions of texts, and this number is a google voice number, which is a very slow, laggy app. 


E-mail is the only surefire way I can keep track of all of the lovely humans I work with! 


If something is urgent, feel free to call me – I most likely won't answer, but leave a voicemail and I'll call you back! You MAY text me instead of leaving a voicemail, but for anything that needs a timely response, email




Plan to arrive in-studio 15 minutes before your appointment time. I unfortunately cannot extend your session simply because you are late.


Remember to allow yourself  extra time for parking & walking - especially if you're not familiar with downtown LA.

[complete details are in your confirmation e-mail if you've already booked. Didn't get one? Check your spam.]



[complete details are in your confirmation e-mail if you've already booked. Didn't get one? Check your spam.]





- Free Street Parking (Sundays only) is East of Los Angeles Street on Maple and Wall street; be sure to double check all posted signs.


- Metered Parking is available up & down Los Angeles Street; BUT: if you're going to be here for longer than 30 minutes total, they will sometimes end up being more expensive than a lot. Again, check signs & arrive early.


- Lots are available across the street and on the corner of Maple & 7th; prices fluctuate depending on holidays but should be $5-$10





Reschedule yourself as much as you want 12 hours prior to your appointment -- just create a login using the e-mail you signed up with on the booking page. 


Here's a step-by-step how-to:



If you need to reschedule with fewer than 12 hours notice or if you want me to reschedule your appointment manually, for you, there is a $20 reschedule fee. You may send the fee via PayPal, venmo (@wyohlee) or the Cashapp (


Check the booking calendar the same way you originally scheduled to see what appointments are available, and then email with the following information:

- the type of session you booked

- your original appointment date & time

- your preferred new appointment date & time


You have six months from the original purchase date to use your rescheduled spot.




1) If it's actively raining on the day of your shoot, you are more than welcome to reschedule – I'd rather reschedule than reshoot :)


2) If you are pregnant. I'm very happy to be flexible with female-bodied humans who are brewing new beings.


3. Other extenuating circumstances: actual last-minute bookings, illnesses, car accidents — but I will require doctor’s notes, police reports, and/or paperwork from the TV, commercial or film you are on, and it needs to be a paying job (I fully support you doing indie projects, but if you can’t give *me* 12 hours notice, that’s on you and you are more than welcome to pay the reschedule fee!).





Check out my downloadable Headshot Prep Guide materials and screenshots from TV, film and commercials for wardrobe advice if you need it:


I recommend wearing low-rise pants with pockets or belt loops, or sturdy leggings you can stick your thumbs into. Most people have better posture and feel more comfortable when they're anchored in this way.


If you want wardrobe advice, be sure to e-mail me  5-7 days before your shoot:

-your goals for the session

-selfies of you in your outfit options (if you aren't sure where to start, click the link above)


The earlier you do it, the more time you'll have to make any adjustments necessary. Sometimes I live life like a person, so I might not be refreshing my emails on a Saturday night, the day before your shoot – do yourself a favor and email me sooner rather than later! You can just respond to THIS e-mail!


Be prepared. You'll thank yourself.


If you are too lazy to do prep stuff like this, the bottom line is: 




If you want to shoot with and without, I recommend spending the twenty minutes prior to your shoot with glasses OFF so you don't get marks on the bridge of your nose. Even better: get a set of lens-free frames that match the pair you actually wear! Hooray!


I have a few pair that clients have left here, so if you don't see them out, feel free to ask me why I'm hiding them!





IF YOU ARE GETTING YOUR MAKEUP DONE: Arrive fresh-faced, moisturized, and hair-ready!



Avoid gloss, shine and sparkles!!! This includes bronzer, blush, and highlighter with "shimmer" -- it will make your skin look overexposed on camera. Gloss is a very specific "glamour" lip and does the same.



This almost always goes poorly. You do you, but I work with makeup artists who do excellent work FAST, so you maximize your time. MUA’s who are not familiar with my shooting style tend to eat up your shooting time. If you choose to go this route, please note that it does disqualify you from reshooting.




Hopefully, you’ve seen my work. 


If you have a preference on how close or wide you want your photos and if you *only* want portrait or *only* want landscape, let me know!


If you need 3/4 or full-body athletic or print modeling shots, I can totally do that – but if you don't have a ton of professional experience yet, I HIGHLY recommend looking up modeling poses (google your target brands, look at their online catalogue, not just ad campaigns) and practice those poses.




I try to get your photos to you as fast as I possibly can. You'll receive a link to your online gallery no later than a week (7 days) of your shoot to the e-mail you signed up with (this one). Let me know if you want me to send it to a different/additional email.


If you need them sooner, I am able to expedite a limited number sooner at the following rates:

1 day - $80

2 days - $40

5 days - $20


If you want expedited photos, be sure to let me know asap, no later than end of day on your shoot day. And you can pay here!


If for some reason it's been more than a week and you haven't received your photos, then do contact me immediately!





Consider checking out my expectations & reshoot policy before you arrive:


You are responsible for your wardrobe, hair, makeup (unless you've hired my makeup artist, in which case you are responsible for communicating your desires, reference photos are recommended), timely arrival, and communicating any info to me that's relevant to our shoot. 


This includes but not limited to: 

Your goals, any accessories you definitely want to shoot, any specific notes from your agents -- tell me at the very beginning of our session! I haven't figured out mind-reading yet :(





I have one, and it is very contingent upon your own level of preparation -- details of my expectations are at the bottom of my booking page here:


In order to be eligible for a reshoot, clients must be on time to their original session, reshoot in the same wardrobe, shoot only one outfit per fifteen minute time slot, and have a reshoot plan of attack to ensure different results so that we're using our time wisely. Reshoots are not offered for clients who bring their own makeup artist.





I do have a sweet hypoallergenic kitty who doesn't affect most people, but if you are allergic to cats and think it may affect your session, let me know and I can quarantine him. 


If you are actually deathly allergic – like my friend whose airways literally close up if she's in a space even faintly reminiscent of cat – shooting in-studio with me is not going to work! If that's the case, e-mail me please.


Lastly, I'm here to support YOU, you lovely actors who are going to be on time and prepared and show up for themselves! 


I don't, however, do a good job at catering to entitled humans -- so if you are one of those, please e-mail me ASAP and I will refund you immediately!


If you've read all of this, you are a champion. If you haven't, scroll up and start over.


Looking forward to shooting you! :)


-Wyoh* (Karin)


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